Victorian Age Analysis

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IV. Short Essay: Answer the following as completely as necessary.
These should each be approximately 4-6 sentences long. (15 points each)

35. In this unit, what works have we read that reflect the Victorian Age’s “widespread doubt about the nature of man, society, religion, and the universe”? Give specifics from the works to demonstrate this doubt. Give at least 3 examples with details.

Prejudice concerning the different ranks was one way a man’s character was challenged. In Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem “The Coming of Arthur,” there were references about how the other royalty were not accepting of Arthur as King (42-43). The line “an uproar made by those / Who cried, "He is not Uther's son"" suggested that this was because he was not the last King’s son (42-43). However, the prejudice had more to do with the fact that Arthur came from a poor upbringing, and was therefore not initially accepted into the upper class. During the Victorian age, it was not uncommon for men to treat their women as objects or property. Throughout “My Last Duchess,” the Duke discussed his collection of artwork; the way Robert Browning words flowed from the Duke’s paintings to the sculptors and included his last Duchess, implied they were all part of one collection. The Duke’s statement, "I gave commands; / Then all smiles stopped together" suggested something sinister, as if, as part of his collection the Duchess could be disposed of
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