Victorian And Edwardian Briti A Place Rich Of Strict Christianity

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Victorian and Edwardian Britian was a place rich of strict christianity alongside widespread poverty which resulted with a dangerous and damaging working structure, high rates of child mortality and a rigid and damaging class structure that was highly focused around child labour.
The employment of children deprives them of childhood and a chance at education, interfering with their ability to attend school and educational institutions, while mentally, physically and emotionalling draining them. The lack of ceoncept of childhood resulted in chiren actively participating in work as soon as they were seen competent.
Child labor interrupts a childrens cognitive development and can severly affect the childs social development because the lack of freedom is impacting on their chance to engage in social play and interacting with other individuals. Those who work many hours a week are at a higher risk to develop problematic social behaviours and turn to negative behavoirs as they age alongside poor preformance. [1]
In these times there was a lack of education, especially to the female population as it wasn 't deemed nessisary. Skills were passed down through generations as opposed to being learnt in schools. This often lead to protests declaring that children were being used for slavery and being stripped fo their adolescence and things that are vital for growth and understanding. With the pressures for social reforms the victorian upperclass then became obsessed with idea of

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