Victorian Er Colonial Era

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Ibrahim Kisswani
Prof. Schultz
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Apr. 19th 2016
Victorian Era Friends In Victorian Era England, men had bonds that most men would not be familiar with in our generation. Back then, a man’s friendship was not intended for genuine friendship, but more of a form of self-serves pleasure. This focused mostly on the men of the upper class due to the fact that they had a great amount of secrecy, such as homosexuality, surrounding their class. These friendships were also made for personal things such as, reputation, homosexual pleasure, and marriage as well. They would additionally form these bonds to obtain something or someone for an individual to use. Men would also create these false friendships with other men in their class due to the fact they would not want to be known to have actual friendships with anyone beneath them. Friendships in the Victorian Era were simply personal business due to the fact people wanted things that could not be acquired through official business. In the Victorian Era, marriage was not the way it is known today. Instead of it being a ceremony for the unification of two people being in love, it was based off of status and was arranged by the parents. Therefore if a man in the upper class wanted to marry a certain woman, he would have to go through an interview with the parents to see if he is fit to marry her, then put on a list the parents made to select a groom. In the play the importance of being Ernest by Oscar Wilde, two of the main…

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