Victorian Hosting Essay

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Victorian Hosting Victorian women hosting, the easier life was at home it was the easier job. The ability to earn contributed to Victorian women's independence, but at what cost? By Professor Pat Hudson. Victorian’s planned their party and their menu and prepared shopping list one week in advance. They also at the time, would wash and iron their tablecloth and napkins. To give tea party a true victorian flavor, use a lace tablecloth if possible. Two days ahead of shopping, the host or hostess would polish their silver. On the morning of the tea party make your tea sandwiches and other menu items and set your table early. Tableware for each guest, you will need a teapot and coffee serree-optional] sugar bowl for the lemon wedges serving silverware, tablecloth dishes for your…show more content…
Set a coffee service at the other end if desired. 3 place your finger foods cookies, scones,muffins and tea sandwiches on platters in the center of the table. A popular trend among women in the past feld years is to host a victorian tea party as if it was the 1860s. These events-lavishly decorated handwritten invites hoop-skirt optional-are used as bridal showers fifth birthday parties charity events baby, Sowers and more. Really any time there will be a gathering of more than three women it has the potential to be a tea party . How ever what was i really like to host a victorian tea party.From the home of manual:everybody's guide in social.Domestic & Business life 1884 we learned the afternoon tea is among the most informal events one can host that only light refreshments should be served and wine which we might not be able to drink. But back to the story now of any variety should appear. in the victorian era calling cards were used denned the formality of the event. Because the type of calling card used is so vilalta. Those who could see into the future would have been excited
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