Victorian Laws, Rules, and Regulations

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Victorian laws, rules and regulations Introduction Victoria, which is commonly known as the nanny state, has many rules and regulations that seem to be extremely prohibitive or allow certain criminal behavior and need to be changed. The government is coming under this realization and has set up a law reform commission. Community groups and other legal organizations as well as individuals have come together to setup platforms for suggesting the particular areas of the law that need reform. This has helped greatly in reforming the laws of Victoria. However, there are still other areas of the law that need reform. To understand the shortcoming of the Victorian law, it is essential to first look at the prosecution process. The Victoria Police has the responsibility of formulating the initial charges in criminal cases. The police manual states that for charges to be initiated there must be sufficient evidence and the prosecution must be justified(Brereton and Willis, 1990). A prima facie standard is applied to such cases of immorality such as rape or other offenses and it basically tries to find if there is sufficient evidence which a reasonable and properly instructed jury would be satisfied with beyond all reasonable doubt(Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1983). However, the manual does not give any indication of the extent of this test as is applied in standard practice by the individual police officers. There are also no formal mechanisms for the review of the decisions
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