Victorian Music Industry Analysis

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Martin Foley MP
Minister for Creative Industries

Recommendations for Contemporary Music Policy for Victoria

The Victorian arts and cultural sector is recognized as one of the major strengths of the Victorian economy with the stated objective of developing and promoting a thriving Victorian arts and cultural sector.

In the last decade, Melbourne has achieved the reputation as the premier music city in Australia, with Victoria’s reputation as the music state being world renown for the quality and diversity of its live music venues, musicians, conferences and music festivals.

The contemporary music sector in Victoria is a billion dollar business, employing over 30,000 Victorians in full time employment as well as supporting employment
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Its genres would include (but would not be limited to) blues, country, electronic/dance, experimental, folk, funk, hip hop, jazz, metal, pop, rock, roots, and world.
- As defined by the Federal Government’s Strategic Contemporary Music Industry Plan, 2010.
The music sector in Victoria is primarily made up of small to medium sized businesses that focus on local, national and international markets. Sections of the sector converge into economic clusters, helping to drive economic growth and development within the sector, including intellectual property and exporting services or goods.

Due to the decline in revenue for the recording industry, live performance now more than ever before is the main source of income for most musicians and performers. Live Victorian music is featured at the centre of many tourism campaigns, encompassing local and regional festivals, venues and touring artists. The key reasons why live music remains important to the sector include the ongoing connections with an audience, live performance as a promotion and marketing tool, principal means of income and the opportunity to export
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There are several issues facing the contemporary music sector in Victoria with regard to government policy and assistance with maintaining and strengthening the live music industry. Victoria’s position as the arts and cultural capital and Melbourne’s reputation as a premier music city will not be maintained without proactive support by the government and industry.

The below are recommendations to the Victorian government to develop policies to support the Victorian contemporary music community, which will not only benefit the Victorian musicians and music businesses but also the music loving Victorian public.

• Promote Melbourne as a music city to increase opportunities for Victorian musicians and the broader music

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