Victorian School Facts For Children

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Victorian Education
Until the Victorian era, schools were not only inaccessible to many children but also very unsafe and inadequate. In the article "Victorian School Facts For Children," it states that "It wasn 't until the Victorian era that these were improved considerably and available for all children rich and poor.” Due to social classes in England, the children who were eligible to attend school were those who descend from a family of wealth. Children of wealth, males to be more specific, initially started their public education after the age of ten and up until then they were "home schooled". As for females, they were educated at home if their parents condoned it because in the
Victorian Society it was believed that women only needed to learn how to be a housewife and tend to her husband. It was said to be a "Man 's world” and there would be no need for women to have any form of education other than what the Victorian Society believed. For those who were poor male or female, they didn 't have a choice to attend school because of their parents financial situation, social class, and value.
Social class and financial situation played a big role in determining whether or not a child received an education in the Victorian Society. The reason behind this was because education wasn 't free until the Education Act which helped schools receive assistance through government grants. This information can be found in B. Malheiro article "A…
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