Victorias Secret

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The research is based upon the study of “Victoria’s Secret” Brand, it describes the brand’s evolution and its product line. The research covers semiotic analysis of Victoria’s Secret in terms of the Brand Ambassador, Visual Promotion material like Print Media, Brand Logo and other Graphics used in its promotion. However, the research does not cover in depth study of: marketing strategies, history and its several Product lines.

“Buy the product, get the girl; or buy the product to get to be like the girl so you can get your man”

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It has also entered into other markets successfully. The other products which are launched by Victoria’s secret are swimwear, fragrance, music Cds, body and bath care products, cosmetics, sportswear collection, pink collection for teens shoes and apparel.


* Every year Victoria’s secret organizes its own fashion show which is very famous and most awaited. * Every year around 40 models walk on the runway and out of that only 10 models are given the tag of Angels. * These Angels are the spokesperson of the brand and act as brand ambassadors. * Each angel has to sign a contract for three months in a year, where the angel has to deliver her commitment to the Brand. * Victoria’s Secret does not hire celebrities for their Brand advertisement or publicity. *

2.3.1 Victoria’s Secret Angels Promotion Ad YEAR : 1999 (501*648)

SIGNIFIER: Wings, clouds, sheer, text, Seamless Lingerie
• Wings: line of bras that were very pure, seamless, sort of transparent implying the models as

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