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Market: Victoria’s Secret is a retail brand product of lingerie, clothes and beauty products, which is owned by the Limited Brands Company. It has thousands of retail stores opened in the United States and few in Canada. The Products are available through the retail stores, catalogue and online business. Such fast growing market was established by Roy Raymond in San Francisco during the 1970s. Raymond went beyond from just providing the traditional white cotton piece for underwear that sold in department stores, because he offered different colours, patterns and style that created sexiness. Such sexiness is created by combining European elegance and luxury. A market is defined as the set of actual and potential buyers of a product or…show more content…
Body by Victoria radiates warmth and confidence. It's the essence of being a woman: effortlessly sensual and sophisticated. Modern, yet destined to become a classic. To complete the Body by Victoria collection, Victoria's Secret introduces Love My Body daily body care featuring body lotion, body cream, body oil, body mist and body wash. Moreover, Victoria’s Secret presented a new line of fragrance for men. In addition, the young and cute line of PINK expanded rapidly. It introduces an excessive variety not only of tops and bottoms, lingerie and beauty products, but also accessories to arrange the room in the “PINK style”, backpacks, bags and laptop cases. The key factor of PINK is the age-oriented production of clothing and lingerie. Not only women, who are older than thirty years old, prefer to make purchases but also teens and pre-teens have a great interest in PINK collection. The girls that are younger eighteen are not allowed to obtain the products of Victoria’s Secret, as it was considered by the executives of VS. However, the great popularity arises with the teens buying a sweatpants, tanks and tops, different accessories from fresh and sweet PINK collection. Within the great expansion of Victoria’s Secret along with PINK in different countries, such as USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, VS production continues to rise, thus creating more new products which can fulfill the demand of any woman of any ages.
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