Victoria's Secret: The Effects Of Body Image Campaigns On Society

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Effects of Body Image Campaigns on Society Today we live in a society that manipulates the way we view ourselves. Many women struggle with their body image because we are constantly being overwhelmed with the idea of being a size zero. It is not realistic to base your feelings of self-worth and self-image on the models in ads and magazines. Lets face it; it is nearly impossible to find a woman who is confident in her own skin. All women have flaws and learning to love yourself for who you are is difficult when things are being falsely advertised to you about what the “perfect” body image is exactly. Body image by definition is a “subjective picture of one’s own physical appearance established both by self-observation and by noting the reactions of others” (Webster 2016). One well known example of the effect media has on women is through the 2014 Victoria’s Secret: The Perfect Body campaign that caught a lot…show more content…
This campaign is extremely flawed and many women spoke out and said that the campaign was “irresponsible” and that it was “some next level-body shaming.” Many studies have been done to prove that a lot of body shaming occurs in college students and teenage girls. Victoria’s Secret has not spoken out on their behalf about the campaign. In response to Victoria’s Secret campaign Dove created their own campaign redefining what they viewed as beautiful. In that, Dove used women of all different body types and ethnicities. By doing this Dove proved that all women are created beautiful and should be comfortable in their own skin. The Victoria’s Secret body campaign can be understood in many different ways through persuasion, which include how visual images persuade us, theories of persuasion, how
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