Victor's Childhood Reading Questions

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1: No one can dissuade Robert Walton from desiring to go to the North Pole. 2: Walton spent his childhood reading stories about the North Pole rather than other studies. 2-3: Walton submitted himself to lots of hard labor and environments to prepare for the pole. 4: Walton desires a friend. 11: Walton would sacrifice anything to gain knowledge of the pole. 14: Alphonse spent his younger years obsessed with politics. 18: As a child, Victor vows to love and protect Elizabeth. 21: Victor’s attention is captured by finding the elixir to life. 28: Victor’s sole purpose is to create life. 29: Victor’s study focuses solely on natural philosophy. 29: Victor spends all day and night in the lab. 33: Victor only feels emotion surrounding his creation.
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