Victory Lap

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Change can be seen as a form of transformation or conversion. A form of change can be seen in “Victory Lap” by George Saunders, a short story written in such a way that the events that are enrolling throughout the story are being processed and told through the minds of three main characters. Having the perspective of each character allows us, the readers to get a much greater understanding about them and to make a better character analysis. Having said that, this story is simply about a girl, Alison getting kidnapped by an unnamed kidnapper. What were really captivating were the changes spotted on characters as the conflict progresses. One character in particular is very intriguing and his name is Kyle. One of our main character, Alison…show more content…
This overly cautious boy somehow finds himself rushing into the battlefront, where Alison was being dragged without any plan of action or resolve: “What was he doing…” (79). We notice here that Kyle doesn’t even realize what he is doing as he incautiously rushes to the damsel in distress. This is quite un-Kyle-like for he had not properly conducted solution in overcoming the problem. Quite a change from the beginning of the story where Kyle would recognize the situation properly and come forth with proper procedures in order to confront it, like he did when he walked in the house with his shoes on and when he walked in the house with his dirty socks. Kyle changes from mentally rehearsing an event to bluntly rushing into action. Kyle was raised in a very strict environment where he would follow instructions that have been drilled into him all of his life. If he came home he would sign his name as if punching in and out of a workplace. He has to take of his shoes before entering the house and he has to record details in “Kyle’s Traffic Log” requested by his dad. This is demonstrated when Kyle spots the van of the supposed meter reader and proceeds to fill a report on this event: “On the counter was Kyle’s Trafiic Log…. Smiling agreeably as if he
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