Victory of the North

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22 March 2013
Victory of the North
There are many causes that led to the victory of the North, as well as many effects that follow their victory. Three important causes that led to the victory of the North are economic growth, secession, and the election of President Abraham Lincoln. Three important effects that followed the victory of the Northern States in the American Civil War are emancipation, a new financial system, and political freedom.
The Civil War of America has been discussed as the first modern war of the new industrial age. Army’s of such a large size had yet to meet head on, face to face in the battle field with weapons of such mass destruction and deadly force. America had not yet seen casualties of this magnitude to
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They continued to adopt a constitution of their own. Then they chose Jefferson Davis from the state of Mississippi to be their president.
The first effect of the North’s victory over the South is emancipation. Even though slaves were technically freed through “contraband”, Lincoln continued to persist that this fights intent is to save the Union, not to free the slaves. But, before eighteen sixty-two, Lincoln considered emancipation as being the next step necessary to win the war. On July twenty-second eighteen sixty-two, Lincoln unveiled a draft of the Emancipation Proclamation to his cabinet. It proposed emancipation of all slaves in rebel areas on January 1st, eighteen sixty-three. The Secretary of State William H. Seward agreed with Lincoln 's initial draft, but he warned President Lincoln to wait till the Union had won a major victory before introducing the proclamation to the public. In eighteen sixty-two President Lincoln got his opportunity to do so, when the Union was victorious in the Battle of Antietam. On September twenty-second President Lincoln officially issued the Emancipation Proclamation to the public. The Proclamation warned the Confederate states that if they did not surrender by January first, eighteen sixty-three, their slaves would be freed.
The second effect of the North’s victory over the South is a new financial system. The American Civil War destroyed the
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