Video 9 : Talent Management Yakup Ozcelik

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Video 9: Talent Management Yakup Ozcelik 1. (a) The video introduces an employee that works in packaging and a store manager. What career stages would apply to these two specific employees? Explain your answer. In this video Will is working in packaging and Laurie Barnell works as like manager. Will who is Early Career Stage because co-owner said he came in new and Laurie Barnell is in the Late Career Stage. (b) Is Metropolitan Bakery providing development for each of these employees that is appropriate to their career stage? Explain by including at least one example of a development initiative for each employee that is presented in the video. I say yes, because the…show more content…
Wendy Smith-Born said every person that comes into Metropolitan has an orientation .We have a script that everybody follows, the same script. We have a quiz at the end of the training Also James Barrett said I 'm interested in teaching and nurturing and developing one 's talent. In the early days, I worked with several programs to help rehabilitate, or to help people who have been through the prison system, or alcohol or substance abuse, and now they 're trying to progress and transfer back into society. So I was very into that kind of development. 3. a)From the video, does Metropolitan Bakery have a “make” or a “buy” attitude toward acquiring talent? They have make attitude because they are getting employees from zero and they rae training and developing to be a good workers. (b) What evidence does the video give of this? Such as James Barrett is saying teaching and nurturing and developing one 's talent. 4. Would Metropolitan Bakery’s approach to employee development reflect an organization-centered approach to career planning or an individual-centered approach to career planning? Explain your answer. It look like both an organization-centered approach and an individual-centered approach to career planning. When they are training and developing to them at the same time they are growing too. Video 12: Variable Pay and Executive Compensation 1. (a) Bright Horizons’ variable pay plans are
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