Video Analysis: Love Is No Labels

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“Racism” is the strong power of privilege in the society, which exists in everywhere and in different generation. Based on some people have different social class, race and ethnic groups that other people who receive discrimination and unequal treatment. Discrimination is not a natural occurs, it is through the environmental, social status and other people surrounding that influence one’s reflection and judgment. People often convinces that their national culture is the best and right that other ethnic groups; they also might think other ethnic’s culture is poor and wrong. Therefore, one might accordance with other people and his or her life experience biases to treat with one another who are different background and classes. For example, due to white people skin colour that other ethnic discrimination, the white race and people of colour to be forcibly separated. Racial discrimination in violation of basic human rights and human dignity.
Race is still very sensitive and complicated issues in American society. According to August 2014, Michael Brown who is an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer in St. Louis. In this case, lead to massive demonstrations
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When the video start, there are two skeleton skulls on the screen and hug with each other. Although the video is no speech anything, we can able to feel and understand those people deeply feelings and relationships between others. Based on people cannot identify characteristics of people so one did not have the ideas of bias with these people. When the people come out of the screen, it is meaningful to lets people know identity and appearance are not a problem, the most importance things are “love”, “respect” and
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