Video Analysis of Student Teaching Using Satic Model

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ANALYSIS OF TYPES OF STUDENT-TEACHER INTERACTIONS IN THE CLASSROOM Tyler Sason Dr. Robin Smith 27 April 2013 SMT4301 Spring 2013 INTRODUCTION One of the most important components of successful science teaching is the use of effective questioning (Clough, 2007). Abraham and Schlitt (1973) argue that, “Teaching requires continuous analysis of both student and teacher behaviors and subsequent modificationof classroom performance.” They also say teachers must be their own critics if continuous analysis is to occur (Abraham & Schlitt, 1973). The topic that I chose to focus on analyzing are the interactions, such as questioning and responding, that take place between teachers and their students. Given the topic, this…show more content…
“The way teacher questions are worded does make a difference in student response.” (Herman, 2008 pp. 16) Herman (2008) found that teachers were more likely to elicit extended answers through the use of more open-ended questions. After reading these articles, I was convinced that I needed to improve my own questioning skills, which lead me to use the SATIC model for a self-evaluation of my use of questioning in the classroom. METHODS The tool that I will use to help answer this question is the SATIC (Student and Teacher Interaction Coding) (Abraham & Schlitt, 1973) which is a tool that was developed for monitoring certain teacher behaviors. In order to better understand how the SATIC works and interpret the results, Abraham and Schlitt (1973) explain the use of the SATIC instrument; its history, uses, and implementation, along with a coding sheet to help the user analyze the data they have collected. I will use the SATIC to analyze a 15 minute of a section of the lesson and the coding sheet to quantify teaching behaviors and types of responses so that I can quantify how many times I used each type of interaction or behavior as opposed to another. In order to perform my analysis, I will use data collected from student work and video evidence that was recorded during my lesson for later reference. The video evidence will come from the second day of the two part lesson that I taught to a high school integrated science class on the topic

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