Video And Image Data, Statistical, And Textual Data Essay

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Introduction What happened to the good old days when accounting records were all manual, now they are almost completely digital? Accounting records are ‘‘records of financial transactions, or of events expressed in monetary terms, made for the purposes of accounting’’ (Accounting Dictionary 2014). Although such records are historically physical, they are now almost exclusively digitized. For example, in 2000, about 25 percent of all stored information was digital, whereas currently more than 98 percent of this information is electronic (Cukier and Mayer-Scho¨nberger 2013). Data streams fueled much of this shift because automatic sensor devices and machine-to-machine communications continuously generate data (Warren, Moffitt, & Byrnes, 2015). This paper will look at some of the ‘Big Data’ being implemented today. Regardless of ow anyone feel, ‘Big Data’ s a thing that is not going away. This paper will look at Video and Image Data, Audio Data, Textual Data, Managerial Accounting. Big Data as a Supplement Video and Imaging Data People have had televisions in their home for many years. However, I remember mom talking about the first television that she ever saw, it was a small box with a black and white picture. These methods can add important information to accounting records including (1) surveillance footage to reveal when and how many times a restricted-access area is entered, (2) workplace video to track worker productivity (e.g., who is spending too much time
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