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Video Conferencing This essay will be about a communication medium called Video Conferencing (not to be confused with Web conferencing). I will explain what video conferencing is, how it works, potential uses, future impact with regards to technology as well as advantages/disadvantages with video conferencing. According to West, Donald (august 2003) “Videoconferencing Whit Paper” Videoconferencing is two way video and sound between two or more locations using video, audio and high speed digital communication connections. The development of videoconferencing started way back in 1956 with AT&T building the first picture phone test system, and it gradually evolved and in 1991 the first video/audio conference was held (HREF1). By…show more content…
They quickly adopted this for use in distance learning, using one monitor to show the instructor and another to display learning material. The use of high quality video conferencing allows for wider contact and rapid response to for example customer requirements, lectures, potentially training or facilitation sessions. Basically the use of live, television quality video conferencing offers many new possibilities for communication between parties who are geographically dispersed. As I have just touched upon a few areas, video conferencing can also be used as a tool for management, consultation, staff development and social interaction. So what are the advantages with video conferencing! Well in these times with the pressing need to get more done in less time, video conferencing offers the benefit of face-to face meetings arranged on short notice and at reasonably low cost, compared to travel time and costs involved in a typical business trip. Video conferencing do not only reduce travel expenses and free up travel time for more productive purpose, but it also relive would be travelers of stress. It can also provide greater access for subject matter experts to large and disperse audience. Cost of staff and material for training can also be reduced. With the exception of for satellite based video conferencing, video conferencing is not affected by bad weather as travel tends to be. Collaboration of dispersed work groups,
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