Video Editing Software For The Brand Awareness Campaign

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The given brand is GoPro which is an American Technology company that manufactures action cameras and also creates its own mobile apps as well as video-editing software that assist the users to use their product more easily and give them the pleasure to use it. This brand was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman who is now in rank 73 in the list of Richest in the Technology (, n.d.).
For the Brand Awareness, I must say this brand is doing well because as it produces the action cameras for the users that can be used even under water makes its products more exciting. This hits the target audience minds immediately and can easily recall and recognize it. Recently the company has launched GoPro Hero5 + karma and this camera can be used wherever you are and its picture quality is also 4K. Their ad in YouTube has reached more than 8 million views and 4 million subscribes (, n.d.). This proves that their brand awareness campaign is going well. They deliver a story with each video which drives customer’s mind as they provide the exciting as well as emotional part on their fascinating and original advertisements (Masdon, 2014). But ever since the product are very expensive and all the can’t buy it, they also have to produce some cameras that is affordable for the middle class families. Therefore, it seems like this brand is only for those who have extra budget and people with low budget neither recall nor recognize its brand.
For the Brand Imagery Part also this brand
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