Video Engineer Interview Questions

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1) What position did you work?
Video Engineer.
2) Please describe anything that worked well, didn't work well, or suggestions that you have for future students performing at this position. Please make this technical yet understandable as possible.
As far as the video team is concern, I think we all did very well despite the fact we were not completely confident about some little things in our positions since we had not done many live labs since 2 months ago, I also noticed we were on time with everything that we were doing as far as setting everything up and also doing what we were supposed to do; however, the show started half an hour late because the performers were not fully ready and prepared to start on time, besides the fact that line check took longer than we thought it would take. We did not have any type of communication problem in
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This can be observations related to the overall live lab experience, or things you noticed happening in other positions.
One of the major problems we experienced was the fact that the band was rushing through their songs in a way that they would suddenly skip to the next song after they barely started playing for a minute or less as an attempt to at least play their whole setlist even if they had to play just a bit of every song to do so because they did not have enough time for their show. All of these unexpected changes clearly affected many of our positions, if not all of them, because we did not know what the performers wanted to do with their show, it was very annoying and negative for almost every position but primarily for the video team because we would always get very awkward shots and weird camera jumps to a different angle in order to compensate all of these weird changes that the performers were going through so that we could at least try to make them look seamless and less awkward than what they actually
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