Video Evidence Builds Trust !

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Video Evidence Builds Trust! Every police officer in the United States should wear body cameras in order to improve trust and rebuild relationships between citizens and law enforcement officers. Studies done across the country have shown a significant decrease in not only citizen complaints brought against the law enforcement but also a decline in incidents where police were involved in forceful activity or brutality. Body cameras will protect cops from false accusations while also protecting citizens from police brutality. In order for law enforcement to be effective there must to be complete trust between citizens and policemen. Officers cannot do their jobs well if their actions are continually second-guessed or incorrectly relayed to media by bystanders later. Implementing body cameras across the country will allow for the transparency of law enforcement actions and the safety of citizens they interact with. Police cameras will ensure that law enforcement officers and civilians are protected from false accusations. The responsibility of law enforcement is to keep the citizens of this country safe. They will be unable to succeed in their jobs if they are afraid that bystanders will bring false accusations of misconduct or brutality against them. This will also negatively affect their ability and willingness to make quick judgment calls in tough situations. In March of 2015 President Barack Obama stated, “The more there is trust between communities and law
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