Video Game : A New Trailer

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As I walked into Wolford 203 above the student center I saw four people sitting at tables, and on the tables, talking about what was going to happen at the meeting today. The room was on the smaller side, but there were not a lot of people in the club room. On the first table, there was a container of cookies and someone said the winners got to eat them. On the other tables, “rare candy”, an item in the video game, was placed for people to eat during the activity. I sat down at one of the six hexagonal tables and waiting for the activity to begin. The president was wearing a Helioptile hat, one of the Pokémon from the sixth generation, and the person next to me had a Pokémon shirt on. There was chatter about the newest Pokémon game coming out as a new trailer was released earlier in the day. Everyone was friendly towards each other while we waiting for the other club members to arrive. Some people arrived later coming up with food from Charlie 's, the food place downstairs, and wandering in from Disney club next-door. Fifteen minutes after seven Pokémon club began. Pokémon has been a phenomenon in our country for eighteen years captivating audiences from young children to adults. On campus people who share an interest in Pokémon, a series with many forms of media including video games, a tv show, or anime, movies, a card game, and a comic series gather on Fridays in Wolford 203 from seven to nine. Every week there is a new activity that the club hosts. I witnessed and
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