Video Game Addiction Essay

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The controversial topic of video game addiction is what I have decided to focus my multi-genre research project on. Although a multitude of people do not even know of the existence of such a problem in today's society, I can assure you that this is becoming an increasingly greater problem effecting people around the world of all ages. Through my multi-genre project, I intend on proving the uselessness and detrimental qualities of playing video games, and I am going to explore some healthy alternatives to such a problematic habit. This is a very important topic to me because I myself used to be absorbed in video games, and through those hours wasted I have accomplished nothing. I am hoping that through this project I may be…show more content…
Most of my research was done online, and I found Wikipedia in particular to be a very useful source for me. All of my online sources were found thanks to Google. I found my book by looking up video games on the online library website, and it happened to be one of the only results that pertained to my research topic of video game addiction. Some of the questions I asked throughout my searching were ?Do violent video games have an impact on the mind?? and ?Are video games addictive??. I asked many of the same questions while searching for information that I asked before starting my research. Throughout my endeavors in discovering more about video games, I did not run into any obstacles because I already knew enough about video games to know what I needed to look up. I would have to say my greatest success in finding research about video games has to be when I found the book Playstation Nation: Protect your child from video game addiction by Olivia and Kurt Bruner. This book contained so much information that opened my eyes to so many more topics that I could delve into and incorporate into my research project. It also helped me to go cold turkey against any future video games.
After reading this book, my whole research topic changed. At first, I was going to do my research topic on the impact of violent video games, but I decided to go on impulse and make a
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