Video Game Delivery Project Team 2

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BUS ADM 748: Managing Information Technology Projects
(Spring 2015)

Report #1: Video Game Rental Program

TEAM # 2


Content Index
Part 1 Project Integration Management
Project Integration Management
Weighted Decision Matrix
Financial analysis for video game rental program
Project Charter for video game rental program
The integrated change control process
Part 2 Project scope management
Scope statement for the project
Work Breakdown Structure for Video Game Delivery System
Gantt Chart of WBS
Strategy for scope verification and change control
Part 3 Project Time Management
Additional activities in Work Breakdown Structure
Key schedule
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It also happens to make or break online businesses, hence the largest percentage. If the system is too obtuse or difficult to operate, no one will use it.
Ease of Development - 15% - As this system can be quite a tedious undertaking, development was awarded a higher percentage than the remaining factors.
Ease of Implementation - 5% - Implementation was only awarded 10% because the infrastructure is already largely in place.
Return on Investment - 20% - Generating profit is something that is the most important for a business. This was allocated at 20% because cost, expected life, development, and implementation percentages have individual percentages
Cost - 15% - The bottom line is something that must always be observed, hence the cost percentage.
Visibility - 10% - Increasing visibility is something that comes into playing more in the optional and" nice to have" functions so it is included at a lesser percentage.
Expected Life - 10% - Many of the systems, once established, only require maintenance and little upgrading. As such, it is important to allocate a percentage of the matrix to this, albeit not that large a percentage

Weighted Decision Matrix for Rental Game Program
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