Video Game Industry : Nintendo And Sony

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Nowadays, the video game industry is one of the faster growing sectors in the world and it is unbelievably expected to increase its revenues for the years ahead. Big giant’s companies as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are constantly competing and technology and innovation are vital to keep pace with this demanding and challenging field. This essay will discuss two companies within the video games industry, Nintendo and Sony, trying to define their international strategies and their procedures in entering markets abroad, crossing the national borders and consolidating a strong multinational presence. The choice of Nintendo and Sony is due to different reasons. These two companies are both competing for the leadership and while Nintendo was almost the only one dominating the gaming market, Sony interrupted this dominance with PlayStation 1 and shifted the balance of the power. Additionally, their strategies and their approaches are different because are based on the division of the market and on distinct objectives.
To begin with, a brief overview of the video game industry will be presented in order to give a basic understanding of this relatively recent area, showing its market size and its influence per country.
Secondly, the present essay will focus on a short history of both companies to illustrate their progressive internalization, their up-to-date firm size and their competitiveness in the market.
Finally, the main topic will be covered, namely the

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