Video Game Tester: A Career As A Quality Control Inspector

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In choosing a career as a Video Game Tester, also known as a quality control inspector, one must learn to create, build, edit, play, and critique video games. These testers try out products or games to determine if there are any flaws in them.They can test software problems or hardware issues such as controllers.The tester might try different combinations of buttons and triggers on the controller and monitor the outcomes. Other item under hardware testing was the ease of use ie: was it easy to reach all the buttons easily and was it comfortable to use over long periods of time . Hardware testing can also include use of accessories such as memory cards to ensure data is being saved correctly. Video game testers basically play games specifically…show more content…
Playing games has been proven to improve hand eye coordination , make learning history and science more fun, make new social connections, quicker decision making and teaches patience. On the negative side of playing video games there's a risk of addiction, pathological gaming (a social disorder), depression, anxiety, and, relationships issues . Pathological gamers recorded more time playing video games and seemed to have impulsive behavior and were more likely to be less social compared to people who were not playing video games and pathological gaming isn't something that people can not just outgrow of and forget about. Some people have been playing a variety of games including those in " open world" which means a player can move freely through a virtual world and is given freedom or "multi-player" games on XBOX or PlayStation which have a more linear structure to their gameplay . Video games have been around since the 1970's starting with Atari ,then Sony Playstation in 1994,and XBOX in 2001. In the earlier years the developer was the boss of the whole game and no more than a couple of testers were required. As games became more complex more publishers would hire more quality assessment staff for testing various games from different random developers. Now most game developers rely on their high technical game testers to fix glitches and bugs in the game. As time goes on the systems have just gotten more advanced with different controllers and better graphics. Computer size has shrunk and speed has increased exponentially . Virtual Reality which have 3-D headsets are also the new craze and knowing how they all work takes skill and learning. The number of positions in the gaming industry is probably going to grow faster than ever .Since 2014 according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) computer and video sales were around $ 7 billion up to the current $60
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