Essay on Video Game Violence

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Smoking, Drinking, Pornography are just among some of the things that people have decided are immoral for children to take part in. However, a child making a character in a video game ruthlessly rape, beat, and kill another character has been deemed acceptable as long as said child is of a certain age. Video games are prominent in everyday life. Children as young as two are starting off playing basic video games to learn their ABC’s and 123’s. The problem is as children get older they are influenced by the video games they play and most of the video games in today’s society are violent and gory. Video games affect children and cause them to take on violent tendencies. These violent tendencies may be as subtle as inappropriate language or …show more content…
Though, some stores have taken proactive steps to ensure that a child does not buy a game above their age rating, most stores have not. Even the stores that have taken such measures cannot ensure that all of their employees are going to follow through with carding each and every individual. The problem with the fact that video games are not regulated is that young children are buying mature rated games and are being influenced by the violence and viciousness of these games. Some will even buy the games and play them just to be in the “popular” crowd. Video games are not like movies, music, or television. Video games are very interactive. Interaction in video games allows the child to participate and choose what he or she wishes for his or her character to do. The act of rewarding a child with points or some other great award gives the child more initiative to redo the violence again when presented with the option. In addition, video games do not teach children that violent tendencies like killing are not acceptable in real life. As Senator Joseph Lieberman quite adequately points out, “It is the interactivity that makes them even more damaging than movies and television. Watching TV is passive; playing a video game is active. Worse still, video games can be addictive, and it is not unusual for children to play them for three or four hours straight” (Lieberman 23). To sit and play a video game which compels a person to act violently for four hours straight is worse
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