Video Game Violence Essay

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Video Game Violence

Violence in video games has been a hot topic ever since the beginnings of the industry. From depictions of a polygonal frog being run over in Frogger, to stealing cars in a realistic environment a la Grand Theft Auto, this topic has sparked serious debate. The traditional liberal stance is that the government should forcefully regulate the video game industry. The conservative stance is that the industry does a good job of rating itself, and that government should not get involved. The liberal stance has its points, in the fact that video games are getting more realistic and more violent. With increasing technology in computers, the video game industry also makes advances in graphics and what they can display. The
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Most of the sources I found were psychology journals or publications dedicated to adolescent health. These articles tended to lean both ways. Some articles claimed that there was a link between video game violence and violence in real life. Others said that no such link existed. Neither side quoted any solid sources, however. Many of the medical journals lumped together TV, movies, and video games in their articles. Most of the psychology journals advocated more parent involvement and more social interaction. Of the non-medical sources, most were news articles. A few used the articles previously mentioned about how video games and violence were supposedly linked to prove their point. Some were about courts who had thrown out cases that claimed that video games were responsible for causing children to commit horrible acts like Columbine. Most of the major news sources tended to stay neutral on this issue. They only reported games that had record-breaking sales or the ‘must have’ games. What I was hoping to find, however, were articles that argued from the government point of view. I was hoping to find articles for and against mandatory government-enforced ratings of video games. However, none of those came up.

As a video gamer, I believe that video game companies should be allowed to freely develop games as they please. I am personally aware of several cases of extreme censorship. For example, a World War 2 based game was
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