Video Games Affect Health

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Do you think that videogames have a major effect on people's health? If it were up to me I would say.... It depends. There is a yes and no side to this. If you sit on your Xbox all day then yes it could have an affect on your health but If you limit your time on Xbox or have a wii where you have to be moving all the time then it won’t affect your health. Yes- Video games can affect your health if you let them. If you sit on your couch all day and don’t do anything, then you will most likely become obese. Some teens get in a habit during the summer to play them all night and get no sleep… at all. One time, one of my friends stayed up for 2 days straight and never got off her Xbox. She would only get off to eat and go to the bathroom. I finally got her to get off of it when I asked her to go to the pool with me. She actually didn’t want to go to the pool but I made her. Just in those 2 days with no sleep and no activity she gained at least one pound. I sometimes get really into a game that I am playing and I stay on it for forever because I am so into it. Another time the same friend and I stayed on Xbox for 14 hours straight. We…show more content…
Xbox Kinect makes you get up. Take Just Dance for instance, you don’t have a controller like you do on a wii so you have to stand in front of the Kinect and dance. On wii you could just sit down and do the arm motions because it doesn’t count the leg motions. I have seen people do that before and it made me mad. Most can make you stand up and move. You could just set a timer like me and my friend did and still do then when the timer goes off go on a bike ride or take a walk. Do something just to get activity. I think video games do affect your physical health. The only way that video games affect your physical health is if you let it. If you don’t let it and you have time management, you don’t have to worry about your physical health getting
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