Video Games Affect Our Lives

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Parents have always claimed that video games corrupt a child’s well-being, but many of them don 't know what video games are actually doing to our minds and body. In fact, video games affect several different aspects of our lives, including our social lives, physical health, and behavior tendencies. With video games becoming an active member in almost everyone 's daily life, a more intrusive study is required, detailing the precise effects and what exactly their implications could be for this up-and-coming generation.
Video games have grown immensely since the beginning of the millennium. Consumers spent a total of $20.77 million dollars on video game related technology (Trang).With almost 51% of Americans having a gaming device of some kind, and each console, a major piece of hardware designed and produced solely for gaming, having several different gaming genres to choose from, it 's no wonder the industry has had such a big boom (Trang). The problem is that too much time spent with video games can be damaging. Children are one of the primary sources of funding for the gaming industry, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children spend no more than fourteen hours per week in front of any type of electronic screen, yet it’s also reported that the average school age child spends more than thirty-seven hours per week in front of an electronic screen (Gentile). Video games are becoming easier to access; the revolution of smart phones has made thousands of…

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