Video Games Affecting People

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How video games are affecting people In this research paper, I will be talking about video games and how they are affecting people. 97% of teens in the U.S play video games and studies have shown that children tend to show more empathy and helpfulness in their daily lives when they play video games. This paper will not only talk about random things, but it will talk about the positive and negative affects of video games. Video games are changing the people in this world today, but their changing them in positive and negative ways and video games are helping with many different things. This first paragraph is going to talk about how video games affect your learning in school. One way they can affect school is to take time away from homework. When your at home, you have the urge not to do your homework because your video games are pulling you in and making you forget about your homework. Another way they can affect school…show more content…
Studies have shown that it may not be the games but you family background surprisingly. They said that video games increase your aggression level by 4%. In my opinion I think it is how they think of the video games rather than family background. For example, if they think the game is violent then that means that they aren't violent people. On the other hand if they don't think the game is violent, but the game is violent, that means that they are probably violent minded people. Thats just my opinion but people can have their own. The next thing I want to say about how their changing people is that it can improve multi tasking. There are various way that they can improve multi tasking. Some examples are like playing on your phone and playing video games at one time. Another way that video games can improve multi tasking is by doing things out side of the video game while your playing the video game. I believe video games can improve multi tasking a great deal and that can help in everyday
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