Video Games Affecting Youth

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The violence that children execute in today’s modern time could have a new factor that parents could not even imagine. Many children today spend most of their time playing video games and this could reflect a negative role in a child’s bad behaviors. Nearly all children, especially in the United States, have or have had a video game console or some type of electronic device that contain video games. Video games in general are not to be blamed but a certain category that majority of the gamers play is called violent video games. Adolescents and children are revealed to violent games could have a bad influence which should be controlled in today’s society. Video games are violent and they affect young teens because they are exposed to…show more content…
Children whom play a lot of console games tend to sacrifice their time of hanging out with their friends and could probably show some undesirable change in the person’s public relations. Adolescents that play a lot of interactive games are less social and outgoing. “Several respondents mentioned that gaming online provided them the opportunity to get away, to flee from their everyday problems” (Frostling-Henningsson 4). These young people use their time to play games instead of facing their problems and fixing them. Instead they let their problems stack up and interfere with their lives severely. “Interest in other activities such as listening to music, art, or reading (57.0%), watching TV, DVDs, or playing video games (48.1%), and using electronic media including internet and texting (47.8%) were the most common reasons for not spending time outside” (Larson 1). Almost fifty percent of the reason children do not go outside is because of console games. Technology has interfered with teen’s outdoor activity times and reduced their hours outside. Video games are taking over many adolescents’ childhoods. Imagine if the only memory a child had was only about video games, they would probably regret wasting a lot of their time. Moments that cannot be replaced wasted right in front of TV and digital devices. This decrease in spending time outside and being with friends creates problems in their social skills. But going outside is not the main concern,
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