Video Games: An Intergral Part of My Life

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As I move my character down the alley, shots rings out. My buddy yells in my ear through the microphone, “Take cover!” I see the enemy and open fire, killing them and gaining a point. As I celebrate by bragging to my friend, the screen flashes red as a grenade goes off beside me. “Respawning in 10 seconds,” the game reads as my character is killed in the online video game.
There are many types of hobbies in the world. From skateboarding to painting to cooking, people find solace in a variety of things. Although I am open to trying new hobbies, I almost find myself coming back to video games, my favorite hobby. While other hobbies may seem more productive or beneficial, video games are almost purely for fun and entertainment.
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Also, a person interested in getting better at the games can purchase video game guides which “ took up (and did best) where magazines left off, providing a wider range of player-readers access to instructions on how to play games and how to conceptualize their gameplay experience.” Mia Consalvo from the book Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames explains (Consalvo 42). All of these pieces of equipment add up to a very entertaining gaming experience, one that America enjoys everyday as described by Dalton Conley in his article for Time, Wired for Distraction. Conley states that “adolescents are exposed to 11 hours of media daily” (Conley 55).
Level 1 Wolf describes the first mainstream videogame in his timeline as “Nolan Bushnell's PONG appears in the arcade becoming the first hit game” (Wolf XVII). “Beginning with PONG in 1972, video games found success,” with Pong’s massive foray into America’s homes, the video game industry sprung up almost overnight to fulfill the pioneer gamer’s needs. Although Pong is considered the first successful video game, historically, the first video game was “Tennis for Two was first introduced on October 18, 1958” which was created by William Higinbotham (Brookhaven National Laboratory - A Passion for Discovery). Pong’s success gave way too many other competitors to introduce more consoles into the video game world with companies such as Sony and Nintendo manufacturing some of the most powerful consoles of the century. By the

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