Video Games And Aggressive Behavior

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A boy is sitting in front of his TV lost into screen playing Grand Theft Auto 5 with a controller in his hand. There’s a yell, “Chris! Come down for dinner.” The boy hears the voice but refrains from responding. The voice, his mother, calls for him multiple time, finally in anger the boy storms downstairs only to yell at his mother and rushes back to his room to get back to his game. Have you ever wondered how violent video games impact children? Or why kids love to play them? The link between violent video games and aggressive behavior is a topic that has received a lot of attention in the recent years. As technology is gradually progressing, video games are starting to become very lifelike and they consist of many complex qualities. However, with the high levels of realism, the influences of video games on society have begun to increase sufficiently. The creation of violent video games, or rated M games, have sparked constant disputes regarding whether or not these games promote violent behavior in their consumers. Each year, more varieties of violent games are being introduced, and most of us have this question in mind. Do violent video games influence young people to act aggressively or is it just a myth? Violent video games contribute a negative effect on society because of the intense violence and graphics shown that influence the younger generation. I believe that the correlations that have been found between video games and violence may be explained by violent
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