Video Games And Health Effect On The Human Mind And Body

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Video Games and Health
Due to the evolution of video gaming in today’s technological culture, many people, specifically the media and parents have questioned the positive impact of video gaming. People believed that gaming will only encourage addiction, lead to social isolation and result in physical and psychological complications such as obesity and developing a violent and aggressive behaviour. These difficulties could be a gateway to more serious problems such as suicide and death. However, in contrast to the detrimental effects of video gaming, others believed that it could improve coordination, multi-tasking skills and assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So can the concept of video gaming prove to be more helpful than harmful to the human mind and body?

Summary by (Savage 2014)
Contrary to popular beliefs that video games will only damage one’s wellbeing and health, this article demonstrates that playing video game can increase an individual’s wellbeing. Kahlbaugh, an associate professor of psychology at Southern Connecticut State University conducted an experiment, recruiting 35 people with an average age of 82 from independent elderly housing to play the Wii. After ten weeks of the study, the participant’s moods were elevated and their social loneliness were diminished after playing the bowling game. Several researchers stated that the right games can develop one’s social and physical skill and boost their wellbeing. This was further reinforced

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