Video Games And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Children and in some cases adults enjoy playing videos games with their friends as a preferred leisure activity. Unfortunately, most of the gaming content in the market have some sort of violence in the game. According to Judith Lee, who is an expert in the issue of violence in video games stated 80% of today’s most popular games do indeed contain violence whether it be in the form of blood, gore or mutilation. Thus, some children and adults do mimic some of the gameplay on the screen whether it be intentionally or non-intentionally. Therefore, exposing children and adolescents to the amount of violence contained in the video games today do spark some sort of violent thoughts or behavior.
To understand why some people can become violent while playing violent video games we must first understand the history of video games. The video game industry is reasonably new compared to other industries like television or radio. Video games was invented in the 1950s. However, it took two decades until it became a commercial product. In November 1972, PONG which is a very well know arcade game was created which only involved a stick hitting a ball. This game became a massive hit and sold 12,000 arcade unites. As a result to their success, other companies copied PONG and it has been predicted that they sold over 100,000 units.
Later in the 1980s companies started to make home consoles. Home consoles became a revolutionary product that brought families (who could afford this device)
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