Video Games And Its Effect On Children

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Each generation grows up with something the previous generation did not. Music genres, television, and now video games. Video games have been a chief medium since they entered households in the late 70s and early 80s with such consoles as the Atari (1980). They have been a staple of the entertainment industry since and have shaped the generations that grew up with these consoles. Video games do, however, bring some controversy, despite their significance. The issue of violent video games and their effect on those who play them is a heated topic that has not yet been proven one way or another. Do video games cause people to inflict violent acts on those around them or not? To fully understand what qualifies as violent video games in which it could possibly make a person commit violent acts, the rules for determining these qualifications must be understood. The Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB, the definitive ratings company for video games, has a system for rating their games that has been in effect since 1994. Their ratings include: Early Childhood, Everyone (All Ages), Everyone 10+, Teen (13+), Mature (17+), and Adults Only (18+) (ESRB). These ratings are given depending on the content of a game, whether it has cartoon or intense violence, if there is drug use, language not suitable for certain audiences, the same as the movie industries MPAA. There are many different variables to consider when determining the effect a video game may have on a…
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