Video Games And Its Effect On My Life

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Ever since I can remember, I have always had a fascination with video games. From the beginning of having this obsession I have collected each new game that presented a story to tell one by one, even if they didn’t have an exact plot and the player always had some sort of choice of where the story was heading such was mystical wonders like Journey or a silly sandbox game like Minecraft. It was always different and interesting as all kinds of lives could be lived within the virtual world of games. This magical experience is similar to what reading a novel is like as they can make you laugh, cry and sometimes yell in a fit of rage. Video games that were important to me were not only entertaining, but also helped me in a huge number of ways. Because of video games, I was able to pick up on some skills to exercise my brain, grow strong bonds with family, and also gained a huge amount of creativity along the way that greatly influenced my life and soon enough, my future. When I was a young girl, my brother and I hung out with each other a lot because I didn’t have many friends. I was shy and not very good with strangers, so even if I did annoy my brother many times, he would still be around. With this brother and sister bonding time, he’d sometimes play video games on our old gaming system while I watched because I couldn’t comprehend the controls; however, despite my inexperience we still enjoyed this time together and it was a barrel of laughs. One day, while playing a
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