Video Games And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Since their conception in the late 1950s and their subsequent rise to popularity and the mainstream in the 1970’s, video games in America have been controversial. Currently around 97% of America 's children play video games in some form; from home consoles such as Xbox, to personal computers and mobile games on smartphones, even in an educational form, video games are nearly everywhere and bringing in big money. Around $21 billion is being funneled into a domestic video game industry. But what are these kids viewing when playing video games and how does that affect their role in society? A common theme in the top 50 best selling video games has been violence.
When you think about how more than the Top 50 video games involve violence, combined with the lack of overall study, unsurprising that videogames have become it?
This Bullet” answer to the cause of violence in children and adolescents. Video games being the blame for mass shootings, bullying violence towards women and general aggression. But is it? This ageing debate started around the time of the release of a controversial game Death Race in 1976. The general purpose of this game was for the player to use the car they were driving in the game to run over screaming "trolls," at which point the creatures would turn into gravestones. Concern developed because the creatures looked like people, and apparently the working title of the game was Pedestrian. The debate has over and over again reemerged following major
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