Video Games And Its Effect On Society

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Video games are revolutionary in this age and they are improving more and more. There are lots of kind of games, some of them have adventures on it and others can make you scared. Companies are the ones that produces these games in a great number. Nowadays most of them have tons of people working on a game to make sure that they produce an incredible product so kids can enjoy a good experience. You may think that only kids buy this things, but a surprising number of adults buy video games and this number is increasing faster. The reason why this number is going up is because the developments that video games are having in this last years. Now instead of grabbing a controller to play a game you can play with a helmet for virtual reality and…show more content…
You may do not know the game but you may know the famous song that the game has. “To this day its music is probably the most recognizable of any video game ever”. (Justin Pot). Another big game console was SEGA, this was founded in 1951 by David Rosen. Over the years, SEGA, which was eventually bought by Japanese investors, developed games for the consoles and in 1986 entered the console business with the Sega Master System. “The Sega Master System was the first of Sega 's consoles to see widespread distribution outside of Japan, and went head-to-head with the Nintendo Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System outside of Japan) across the world. Sega was unsuccessful at dethroning Nintendo in the key markets of Japan and North America. However, significant sales in Europe and South America saw the console outsell the NES in those regions, and supported as late as the mid-1990s in Europe and through to the present day in Brazil, receiving a large library of software in those regions. It is Sega 's second most successful video game console of all time, with an estimated 19 million units sold worldwide, largely in Brazil and Europe.” (Sega Retro) Another game console is the PlayStation and now it is one of the famous consoles in the world. On December 3, 1994, the PlayStation was finally released in Japan. The people 's reaction for PlayStation release was not a big hit, instead the reaction was
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