Video Games And Its Effects

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A few months ago, my son asked for a tablet which we bought it for his birthday. It was a good idea back then, since he never had one before and it was his birthday. My only thought was to make my son happy in rewards of his good work at school, but later it become a problem. I was scared of seeing my son playing video games! I started noticing that he was acting different. And many times he wanted to be playing these video games while we were eating or visiting relatives. This situation was very uncomfortable for me. After a few months he was spending more time playing the same games over and over. Eventually, it was normal for him to get back from school and go directly to his room to play video games. My son was putting aside the illusion of having a new bike and have gone to the video games. "It is true that video games can become a form of training for the mind or reward for doing good, but excessive use can lead to serious problems.” Qiu Zhu Chengwei was stabbed to death because Caoyuan sold Chenwei virtual sword in the game Legend of Mir 3. Caoyuan offered to pay the sword Chenwei , but he refused and stabbed him while he was sleeping. This is only one case of what children addicted to video games can cause. There are many more cases like this all over the world. It seems like an electronic chip is already fully installed on the new generations and that makes children more able than adults to handle new technologies.
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