Video Games And Its Effects On Children

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Video games are a more interesting form of entertainment for the simple reason that players may become part of the game’s plot. Video games were invented for many years now. However, the current variety of games raised concerns about how they affect the children 's behavior due to the fact that the games are becoming more sophisticated. Children spend most of their free time playing video games. Sometimes children refrain from completing important duties and dedicate all of their time playing video games. PlayStation and Xbox are some of the most popular video game consoles and for the past 30 years video games took part of many people’s daily activities especially the children. The video games, graphics and capabilities have increased tremendously particularly in the last decade. The first generation of video games thirty years ago was just simple geometric shapes controlled by the game player. However, the latest generation of games has graphics and capabilities that mimic real life scenarios. Hence, the games became even more popular among children, more worryingly the games have characters that the children’s view as heroes and role models.
Today, it is not a surprise for a child to spend an average of several hours per day playing video games. When a child is playing the current generation of video games, they become immersed in a world of virtual reality, which may have a negative effect on a child if the game content is of a violent nature. Like the old saying
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