Video Games And Its Effects On Children

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In this day and age when you ask a child what they would like as a gift they can give you a list of a million things and this list changes every day. It should come as no surprise though with the way the toy market aggressively advertises towards children. They base the continuation of certain television shows based upon the sales of certain products, they create video games based around toys to generate interest on two fronts, and they even use food as a way to get toy names out. But what does that really do for our children? Kids from impoverish families know that they won’t be able to ever get money for the latest game console that all the other kids are excited for. They won’t don’t get to live the fantasy that the commercial projects.…show more content…
Marketing towards children has gone beyond the simple task of a commercial here and there. The marketing industry has evolved into using everything it has at its disposal for the toys in the kid’s meal at a fast food joint to the use of an entire television channel to show cartoons based upon its toy line up. Today one of the recent top selling girl’s toy is My Little Pony which became popular thanks to the tv show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The showed aired on a new channel known as the HUB Network. This came about when the Discovery Kids channel made a partnership with the Hasbro toy company. Immediately following this we got a channel primarily using tv shows based around toys that Hasbro sold like G.I. Joes, Strawberry Shortcake, and more. While this isn’t the first time a company has used tv shows to promote a toy it is one of the most recent uses of television to aggressively advertise towards children. Marketing to Children: Strategies and Issues discusses advertisement for communications managers said, “Special strategies need to be put in place when one is designing an advertising campaign that targets children.”(Marketing to children) Another recently big thing has been Angry Birds which recently has announced a major motion picture to its list of products. The app was originally just one where you downloaded the game for free and then paid to get the full thing. Now you
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