Video Games And Its Effects On Education Essay

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Christopher Barona Ms. Booth College Prep English 22 November 2016 Video Games In Education Current education systems are failing to give learning material to students in a way that they understand. Most students don’t care about their education because they think it’s boring and unnecessary. Students feel if the homework or lesson is too hard they won’t give it their best work. We should use video games as a new source of teaching. Students can benefit from video games because it’s a fun interactive way of learning, improves a student 's thinking ability, and increases participation. FUN INTERACTIVE WAY OF LEARNING Video games are a great way of teaching because it’s fun. Since students are having fun, they begin to become more focused on what they are learning. Since students become more focused, it encourages learning for them. Students also become motivated since they are having fun. They become motivated because rewards are included. They will also play video games outside of school which encourages them to learn inside and outside. Video Games Were Made for Fun and Entertainment. Video games were created for the fun and entertainment of everyone because it’s interesting. González says studies show that videogames are for amusement and entertainment as a way to get away from all the stress and hard work and to have some fun and relax (72). Video games can be amazing for students in the education system because it provides a better learning experience and will make

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