Video Games And Its Effects On Society

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In the video games, for example, we found a series of steps we must take, no real ambiguity with which we have to face in life to many of our decisions. Metaphors, which form of knowledge that helps us to live in the paradoxical nature of life, are outside the transfer of continuous images you see on television and other media. Essential to produce universes of meaning, we cannot escape the need for us to continue it and relate to the world. It may be that the neurological system is enriched with certain aspects of electronic popular culture, but how works in our consciousness? Video games can be dangerous if prolonged long exposure to them. Reflecting the extreme violence causes aggressive players, because the brain reacts as if these violent video games were real, creating repeating patterns in everyday life. Can the brain differentiate reality from fiction or only does our conscience, that appendix that physically is not yet fully determined? Do you develop electronics our capacity for judgment or, conversely, the sleep? The human being is not only a machine to make decisions, but also a thinking, capable of generating its own universe of meaning to be. The problems of electronic entertainment mechanical responses produced in us, and the system of Johnson makes us think of dopamine as a mere dispenser of pleasure too mechanical and not a complex form of interaction with our surroundings. That role it plays in our lives consciousness. Johnson has been hypothesized that
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