Video Games And Its Effects On Society

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Technology is a large part of modern society, especially in industrial society. Depending on who you ask, people are either in favour of the advancement in technology or some are against its progression arguing that people have become too reliant. Cellphones are one of the main forms of technology that people talk about most, questioning whether they are a good thing or bad. Many people are also concerned with the advancement in video games, worrying that video games are the cause of crime and violence. What hasn’t been talked about much is the progression in cloning and the growing of human organs in pigs, whether this technology could be considered positive or negative is debatable but there are also ethical concerns to consider. Finally…show more content…
Cells phones have become a part of everyday life, no one leaves home without theirs. The progression with the technology has some people questioning whether cell phones are good and useful or if they have become a dangerous progress trap. The main concern with cell phones is the ability to multitask while using one. Driving while using a cell phone is now illegal and if anyone is caught they get a ticket. Research has been done about the ability to multitask and it has been found that when crossing a busy street the person talking on the phone had a slower reaction time than someone who wasn’t using their phone at all. Even the person who just had their headphones in listening to music while crossing the street had a faster reaction time than the one talking on their phone, but they were still slower than the person who wasn’t using their phone. Cell phones also help people stay in direct contact with friends, family and even people from around the world through texting, video chat like Facetime and Skype, and social apps. These aspects of socialization are not directly negative but people are arguing that it is causing youth to become less social with the people around them. An example of this argument would be when people see a group of youth and see that even though they may be out with each other they are still on their phones texting someone else, browsing Facebook or Twitter and not talking to the friends around them. While this argument is valid, people might
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