Video Games And Its Effects

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Are video games actually as evil as many make them out to be? Some recent studies show that this may not be the case. Video games are a somewhat recently developed technology that was created sometime around the 1950s and over time, games have become more and more sophisticated, leading to new genres and purposes. In recent years, there have been major advances in not only how video games are played, but also how popular they have come in our culture, becoming a part of almost every young adult and child’s daily activities. Contrary to what some people may believe, video games are actually quite beneficial to brain development. Many studies have shown that people that play video games have significant improvement in areas of brain…show more content…
One year my uncle bought me a game named Shadow of the Colossus. This game was completely different from the other ones I played previously. In this game, the player starts out with the character on a horse and his only weapon is a powerful sword, that when exposed to sunlight will lead the player in the general direction of the next enemy. These enemies are giant, ancient creatures that roam in various places around the world, each one having unique weaknesses and strengths. To find the Colossus, the player had to ride across the landscape in solitude, identifying small clues that would lead them to where the creature was hiding. Once the player arrived, they would have to evaluate the situation and find its weaknesses. When the player decided that they were ready to attack something unexpected always came up and made the situation even more difficult than expected resulting in quick and accurate decision making. To me, this game is a prime example of how video games aid in the development of the decision making process. Throughout this game players were presented with problems that required them to think very critically in order to even finish the first battle. As the game progresses the enemies only get harder and the solutions to the problems get harder as well. Attention to detail in this game was very important. The more that this game was played, the more I started to look into every possible approach and the very fine details. Games like
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