Video Games And Its Impact On Human Development

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Games play an important part in human development, it is one of the most popular way people use to release stress from work, school or from family members. Its popularity is due in part to the variety of games that have a lot of variety including but not limited to; PC games, Board games, Console games, and so much more. The most famous out of all of this is the Console games, the most popular of which are the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and the Xbox One. After considering why consoles are still popular this essay will explain why the PlayStation 4 is superior to the Xbox1. Video game consoles where first debut as a bulky rectangular brown wooden box with two attached controllers in 1967 by Ralph H. Baer who is known as both inventor and father…show more content…
Because of all the excitement in the Console world Bill Gates the Founder of Microsoft released his own console, The Xbox. The changes and advances in the Game console industry comes about because the marginal utility of a second or third game console in a house relative to price is very low and so people only buy one, but with the continuing to enhance the consoles users are enticed to getting an upgrade. All this competition has left everyone confused as to what is the best console to buy. Although I think the PS4 without any doubt is the best, a comparison between the Playstation4 and The Xbox 1 is the best way to prove my point. This comparison will consider the following categories: the game play (this is the tactical aspects of the console, its user friendliness and specifications), its price, the variety of games available to play and a look into how responsive buyers have been towards it. The price and the buyers responsiveness to it seems like the best place to start because a gaming console can only be purchased if it is the consumer’s price range to buy it. On the Best Buy website the PS4 costs $399 while the Xbox 1 costs $414.98, these prices were for the basic models. The table below shows the prices from other websites website PS4 XBOX 1 $399.89 $458.99 $295.99 $399.99 Walmart $399.00 $499.00 Target $399.00 $399.00 Game Stop $349.99 $349.99 Overall it is obvious that the PS4 has a better price.
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