Video Games And The Public Schools

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Introduction In the modern era, technology has surpassed the public schools in America in importance. For example, in the United States 42% percent of Americans play video games three or more times a week. Video games have become more popular with the increased buyers of smart phones and new TV’s like the smart TV. Children as young as five or six years old get smart phones, in which they play games on at a very young age. Even though these young kids are getting these devices, 40% percent of students lack basic reading skills, and compared to other countries their academic performance is dismal. This is due to schools teaching children how to memorize, not to think for themselves.” (Gee, 2015, p.566). School teaches kids to interact with others, study with responsibility, and to work hard for things. Less Interaction According to many video game addicts, video games teach how become an expert at something.” (Gee, 2015, p.566) Becoming an expert at video games will create less interact with the outside world because most video game addicts sit in their room and play all day by their selves. Unlike video games, school makes kids interact with other kids. For example, many teachers assign students to group projects and group assignments which teaches kids to work together. Working in groups in school is vital for young students because when they are older they can work with others at a job. Also school interaction is helpful over playing video games is because students can
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