Video Games And The Video Game

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Have you ever played a video game and wonder? How does this thing work? Who invented it? Well you’re in luck because I have all the information that you’ll need to know all about the history of video games. How video games have advanced right along with technology that we use in everyday life.
If you ask people. When video games did first came out? Most people would say in the 1970 's and they would be wrong. "In 1958, William A. Higginbotham, an engineer working for the United States government, came up with first game played on a type of screen. It was a two player tennis game played on an oscilloscope, a piece of electronic equipment with a 5 inch display". (The history of video games)
In 1961, Steve Russell developed the first game played on a computer called "Space war". The game was a hit with people, but only a very few would really have the chance to enjoy it. The reason was because back then a computer was the size of a car and very expensive this system cost about $120,000. Only about fifty of these computer were ever sold.
In the mid-1960 the Military wanted some sort of device that would develop the reflexes of the military personnel. In 1966 Ralph Baer, an employee of defense contractor Sanders

Associates, addressed this demand when he came up with the concept of a “television gaming apparatus." (Miller)
It took four more year to get a working system. When Baer did he showed it to Magnavox, which then signed him to a licensing agreement in 1971. In January…

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